Today is a sad day
Rip pup

Posted: 5 days ago.

Alt J - Warm Foothills - (This Is All Yours Album…:

Posted: 1 week ago.
No energy today
Posted: 1 week ago.
Glass blowing party round 2
Wish I could go
Posted: 1 week ago.
Went back to firefly
Its nice to be baking again
Hope it goes well
Posted: 1 week ago.

I miss baking
I’m meant to bake for a living

I feel an absence in my heart

Being an aspiring chef in this town is a fucking joke
Time to put my business plans into action

I went and watched the new movie ‘chef’ last night. It was awesome and incredibly accurate. Chef vs. Restaurant owner, a never ending battle.
Creativity and massive flavor explorations vs consistent crap for distasteful country Club duds.
This town will eat you.

Posted: 2 weeks ago.

Food baby, or real baby?

6 weeks
The beginning

Posted: 2 weeks ago.

Big L - Put It On:

Posted: 3 weeks ago.
I can’t wait till I can get tattooed again
Soo many good ideas
Posted: 3 weeks ago.
Big poppa
Posted: 3 weeks ago.